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Angling for Angels invites you to help make a child's wish come true! Our "Fish-for-a-Wish" program benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Florida. Click on "Fish-for-a-Wish" for more details…
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Welcome to the Angling for Angels website! What started as an idea to host a children's fishing tournament has since evolved into something much more exciting!

Angling for AngelsStarted in 2006, Angling for Angels began as a way to introduce more children to the joy of fishing. A charity fishing tournament called "Fish-for-a-Wish" was born, and a beautiful relationship between Angling for Angels and the Make-a-Wish Foundation was formed.

These days, Angling for Angels has grown into an impressive charity-based fishing organization and sports marketing team dedicated to the inshore saltwater fishing industry. Our wildly popular sports marketing team is showing up at various trade shows and fishing tournaments all across the Southeast!

Whether you are stopping by to join our charity fishing revolution and become an Angling Angel, or are interested in putting our sports marketing team to work for your company, we thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. And, please, stop by again soon! Lots of "reely" exciting things are coming up and we can't wait to share them with you!

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